Intensive training consultancy

This way of working with us is ideal for owner builders.

You have a plan.  You have a design.  You’ve done your homework. You’re rearing to go…

But you need a little help.  Someone to show you the ropes, help you make a start, knock over a chunk of the work, let you in on some tricks of the trade, and then leave you to get on with it.

Subject to our daily fee, we’ll happily come and take you through what you need to know.  Because the idea is that we work intensively with you, we will provide one trainer for a maximum of two trainees – one of us can train up to two trainees, two of us up to four.

This model works particularly well for learning how to lime render.  Assemble a team of up to four, and we’ll come and show you in detail how it’s done.  We generally come once when your wall is unrendered, once after your scratch coat is on (to show you how to do the second coat) and once before you begin the finishing coat.

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