If you have a keen community or group of friends who would like to help with your project, you can put together a barnraising (or working bee) and hire us in to run it. The advantage of this method is that many hands make light (but also quicker) work; we will need to be on site for fewer days, and so you will save money.

This approach will work for you if you:

  • have clear project parameters
  • want to be highly involved in the project
  • are a skilled organiser – at the very least, you’ll want a list of who is participating on each day of the barnraising
  • have friends or networks who appreciate a free opportunity to learn and can be relied on to show up and work hard
  • have adequate toilet facilities (this can be hay bales stacked for privacy, a 20l bucket, sawdust and a loo roll)

When we won’t run a barnraising

We don’t run lime rendering barnraisings, due to safety and quality control considerations.  If you want to learn lime rendering, it’s best to engage us in an intensive training consultancy.

How it works

During the barnraising, the focus will be on getting the work done. We’ll give your barnraisers enough information to be able to complete the work competently, and as much other relevant information as we can without interrupting the project’s work flow. We will provide basic documentation for participants’ reference. However, we won’t spend any time on sit-down “theory sessions”.

Based on your estimate of barnraiser numbers, we’ll present you with some options as to what goals are reasonably likely to be attainable, and how long your barnraising will need to run for. We’ll also happily publicise your barnraising and answer basic enquiries, if you wish to attract extra participants from our networks.

When running barnraisings, we charge by the day. Please click here for our fees, and here for general terms and conditions.