The Crew

Chloe Wolsey

has been building since she was a kid, starting with treehouses with pulley systems and bucket-lifts. She has renovated several homes and worked in a forge with Hot Creations, making multiburner stoves out of recycled VW parts.

During 2010, she taught at Cal-Earth, having previously helped build a triple dome in London for a primary school with Small Earth. In 2011, she co-taught a dome workshop in Melbourne with Permastructure. Chloe has also trained in Devon, with Mike Wye and Associates, in lime and cob techniques.

With her partner Helen, she founded OzEarth in rural Tasmania, to involve the community in natural building, permaculture, and appropriate technology. Offsite, OzEarth has created pizza ovens, cob benches, outdoor classrooms, render repairs and straw bale lime rendering, as well as cob, earth bag, light clay straw and drystack stone construction on their own land.

Chloe is also a seasoned teacher, exhibited artist, published author of fiction, passionate gardener and former employee of De Hortus Amsterdam, one of the Northern Hemisphere’s oldest botanical gardens.

Helen Thomson

is a classically trained professional singer gone bush. having gained a lot of experience in administration, events co-ordination, teaching, accountancy, grants management and performing under pressure, and having made her living from her craft in Europe for the better part of a decade, she’s realised the freedom that lies in living simply and doing for yourself. She gained her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2010 studying with the late great Patrick Whitefield, and followed that up with Certificate IV in Permaculture in 2013. She has been studying (and where possible, practicing) all things sustainability-related for a number of years in preparation for the launch of OzEarth. She has worked side by side with Chloe on all OzEarth builds to date.