Terms and Conditions

Conditions for barnraisings and training courses

As we’ve already mentioned on the barnraising and training explanatory pages, we’ll give you an indication of minimum and maximum participants per barnraising day / course. Based on your estimated number of helpers (in the case of barnraisings) or our minimum number of bookings, we will endeavour to set a project goal which is likely to be attainable. Please note that, when running courses and barnraisings, we cannot guarantee that we will achieve that goal. This is because we aren’t in control of who’s going to come to a course or barnraising, or how much each attendee will be able to contribute.

In the unlikely event that we do not reach the project goal during the barnraising / course, it is your choice whether you:

  • extend the barnraising on a date to be agreed (or in the case of a course, offer extra hands-on days) with our supervision (subject to our daily fees);
  • subcontract us to complete the project (subject to our daily fees);
  • or complete the project yourself, with or without helpers.


If a delay occurs

OzEarth’s policy is not to schedule events end-to-end; however, occasionally it will be impossible for us to stay on immediately after the planned end date of your project.  So if a delay occurs, and we can’t help you finish immediately, we will schedule a return to finish work as soon as possible.

Most common causes of delays

  1. fewer workers than anticipated
  2. bad weather
  3. poor material or site preparation

Fewer workers

In the case of training courses, we negotiate minimum course participants with you ahead of time, which minimises this risk. However, delays may still eventuate. OzEarth has to accommodate the level of physical participation that each attendee is able to bring to the training course; please understand that we can’t force people to work harder than they’re able.

In the case of barnraisings, we strongly advise clients to have a daily register including names and contact details for each participant, and to contact participants to confirm on the day before they’re due to participate. This maximises the likelihood that potential numbers will match the real number of attendees. If your actual barnraising numbers turn out to be lower than you’d hoped, this may have an impact on your project’s progress.

Bad weather

Delays due to bad weather can be minimised with good preparation – by having temporary or permanent roofs, or even tarps, over project structures, work areas, teaching space and lunch / break areas.  Muddy pathways can be avoided by laying down boards, wood chips, or even cardboard.  Hot soup and hot drinks can really help with morale in bad weather!

Obviously, OzEarth cannot accept responsibility for delays to progress due to inclement weather.

Poor preparation

In our experience, materials preparation is critical. Poor materials preparation and organisation will cause serious delays at best, and be disastrous at worst.

OzEarth will provide a detailed materials list, precise instructions as to how to prepare your materials, as well as detailed instructions on how to prepare your site.

The client is responsible for gathering materials exactly to our specifications, and must follow our site and materials preparation instructions to the letter, for the project to go forward. Should we arrive on the appointed start date to find that our site or materials preparation instructions have not been followed exactly, we may be forced to cancel the training or barnraising, and send the participants home. You will still be billed a full day’s work for each OzEarth consultant, plus our travel.

To be sure to avoid this scenario (which no-one wants), best practice is that OzEarth comes and visits your site four weeks in advance to check that site preparation is on track. This site visit is subject to our normal travel and consultancy fees.

Coping with clay

It can often take three or four months to find an appropriate source of clay.  If your project involves clay or subsoil, even if your clay source is on your site, you will need to send us a sample a minimum of 8 weeks in advance of your project’s proposed start date. Note that we won’t set a definitive start date before we’ve inspected your clay sample.  If the sample is appropriate, you will need to begin preparing your clay for use a minimum of four weeks before the course or barnraising begins. This usually involves breaking your clay up, immersing it in water, and continuing to break and mix it until it has the consistency of greek yoghurt.

Claiming a prize

At OzEarth, we run workshops both under our own auspices, and in partnership with other organisations.

Our complimentary workshop-day prizes are redeemable against all OzEarth-run workshops. Prizes may be redeemed against workshops run in partnership with other organisations at those organisations’ discretion only.

Our repeat workshop attender policy

The spirit of it: you shouldn’t have to pay for the same OzEarth training more than once.

The caveats: in short, for this policy to apply, it does need to be THE SAME (or extremely similar) training.  our workshops differ in length, cost, and amount of time spent on in-depth individual and theoretical tuition.

Our introductory workshops generally last 1 to 2 days, are very affordable, incorporate lots of hands-on work, and introduce the participants to multiple techniques in rapid succession.

If you do one of these workshops, you are welcome to participate for free in subsequent introductory workshops on the same subject matter.

If, on the other hand, you wish to attend a more in-depth workshop on one of the topics covered, your attendance at the introductory workshop will entitle you to a discount (to be determined by OzEarth), but you will need to make up the difference.  This is because you can expect much more advanced learning outcomes on a full-blown intensive OzEarth training course.

If you attend a full workshop on a particular subject, you’re welcome to attend the practical sessions only of subsequent full workshops on that subject.  You’re also welcome to introductory workshops on that subject.

Hardship, and alternative methods of payment

If you are desperate to attend an OzEarth workshop but cannot afford it, please contact us.  There are various things we can look at.

One possibility is for you to “work your passage” – if we have work at HQ that we need help with, we’re open to negotiating a place for you on our training in exchange for your labour ahead of the workshop’s start date.

We also understand, however, that not everyone can spare the time to do a labour exchange.  If this is you, do contact us and tell us your story, and we’ll see what we can do.